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Amy's Story

Hailey Bartholomew - Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This little film and story has taken me far longer to complete than I care to admit. However I'm believing that things come together at just the right time. ;)

Here is the story of Amy Gill - it's one that inspires me daily.

Sometimes less writing and more watching is better... I hope you enjoyed Amy's story and I really hope this reaches the ones who need it most.

If you would like to comment about the film, please visit our Facebook page.


Hugs and gratefully yours,



365 Gratefuls book now in stock!

Hailey Bartholomew - Thursday, December 12, 2013

We're having trouble keeping books in stock as they keep sailing out the door, but today we received a new shipment!

There's still time to order your books in time for Christmas delivery (Australia only).

Here's what some people have been saying about '365 Gratefuls'…

"What a lovely little book! Hailey's photographs and captions (and those of her contributing friends) are such a sweet reminder that it is often the little things that add beauty to life -- things that if we don't stop and look, we might entirely miss. I read this book from beginning to end on a long-haul flight, and by the time we landed, I felt I had a renewed perspective on my own life. This is a little treasure that I"m going to keep close, as a reminder to keep looking for the light. It's a gentle, beautiful little nudge to stop and appreciate." Karen

"Uplifting! I loved it! Kudos to the author! Refreshing! I would recommend to anyone who needs an uplift in spirit!" - Susan

"This book is a great gift for moms/dads/grandparents/grads etc... It's sweet and simple. I bought it for my mother and mother in law, and they both loved it." - Wendy

Order yours now - it's the perfect gift for someone you care about! But be quick!

Have a very happy Christmas.

With best wishes, Andrew & Hailey

Our latest news

Hailey Bartholomew - Friday, November 15, 2013

It's been a pretty eventful month or two since we last wrote here.

It has been so exciting to see Hailey appearing on TV, radio, and the newspaper! In case you didn't see, here's the story...

A few weeks ago the Australian version of our book '365 Gratefuls' was launched by our publisher, Penguin Australia. A few months earlier, Hailey's 365 Grateful project was discovered by Australian actor Sam Worthington as he was searching for resources to help a friend who was suffering with depression. He contacted us and offered to help with publicity when the book was launched. Everything worked out perfectly for him to be in Australia at just the right time, and you can hear all about it here in the interview conducted by the Sydney Morning Herald where Hailey and Sam discuss the project and book.
They also appeared on Channel 10's 'The Project" along with a number of ABC local radio stations and Nova FM.

Details of how you can get one of the books for yourself are below!

365 Gratefuls available now

We are pleased to announce that the new Australian version of our book is available now in our shop
. If you order through us we will include a super cute polaroid post card! It's great as an inspiring treat for yourself, and why not buy a few as Christmas gifts for family, friends, workmates or even employees? Bulk discounts are available - just get in touch to find out more. For our international friends, remember you can find the book on Amazon in your country or order it at your local bookstore.

Family life in Laos

Earlier this year, Hailey flew to Laos to do some filming and photography with Tear Australia. The aid and development projects we work on are some of the hardest but most rewarding work we do! You can view one of the films here.

Remember, for all the very latest news and information about this project, make sure you follow us on Facebook.

Gratefully yours...

Hailey & Andrew

The Australian 365 Gratefuls book

Hailey Bartholomew - Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dear friends

Penguin (Australia) is releasing a new version of our book '365 Gratefuls' for the Australia/New Zealand market on October 23rd, 2013. It's pretty much the same book as the one currently on sale throughout the rest of the world, just with a new cover. 

We'll let you know exactly where to buy your copy locally soon. 

We will be doing some very exciting press to coincide with the release here in Australia. If you're here, I'm sure you'll hear or see something! 

We've had so many people tell us how much this little book has encouraged them, challenged them or just made them smile. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. We will make sure to let you know of all developments with the documentary soon too!

All the best on your Grateful journey!

Hailey and Andrew

A grateful year in review by Colleen McMillan

Hailey Bartholomew - Thursday, February 14, 2013

I have for some time wanted to share here on the blog some of the amazing grateful projects other people have done. So if you have a grateful project you would like to share please do email me.

Today here is Colleen sharing a few thoughts on her year with a 365 grateful project. Hope you enjoy! - hailey



Not quite 12 months ago, I sent you an email informing my friends and family that I was embarking on an ambitious project – ‘365 grateful’. Well, that was 363 days ago if you can believe and I will soon finish this amazing journey. So much has happened in that relatively short time. I have shared so much with you all. So many joys.  And one profound sadness.
I now find myself looking back on all those days and am stunned by the year’s events –my baby has grown into a little boy and crawled, and walked and talked, we have travelled overseas for four months and visited 10 different countries, we have shared significant milestones with friends and family. It even encompassed the news of the beautiful new addition that will grace our family. Mostly, it is a record of all the things and people I care about the most that come together in a beautiful, eclectic pattern to make up my life. It is a filled with many moments that I will always treasure and I thank everyone for being a part of making the memories.
I won’t lie to you – the project is a real commitment and there were times when I wondered if I could keep it up. Most recently this happened when I was floored with fatigue and nausea due to morning sickness and the simple act of turning on my computer proved to be a big effort! Of course, the hardest moments were when I lost my dear brother, Ross. When I started the project and dedicated it to him to help cheer myself up from being so down about his diagnosis, not even in my worst dreams could I imagine that we would lose him only a few months later. What I came to realise was that I had to continue on with the project and make the most of my life in honour of his shortened one.
I have been amazed by the many other people I know who have taken on their own grateful project and also harnessed the power of gratitude. It is an absolute joy to witness your posts and your beautiful imagery.
And so now I must again thank you again for your comments and words of encouragement along the way which have been so appreciated. Truly. I will miss the project in many ways but it has instilled a deep sense of appreciation in me that I know will never leave. It has been so therapeutic. I won’t ever stop feeling grateful for all my blessings – a wonderful son and husband whom I absolutely adore, a loving family, faithful friends, perfect health, a beautiful home. And of course, knowing Ross and all his cheekiness and generosity for 30 brilliant years. He would be 43 tomorrow.
Inspired by love for a brother…
Dedicated to his amazing fight…
Continued in his honour…
Grateful that he lived.
Ross Hargreaves
10 June 1969 – 9 October 2011
Yours in gratitude,
Colzy xx



What are you grateful for?

Hailey Bartholomew - Friday, August 31, 2012
Hello. Just in case you missed our latest newsletter here it is. Hope you enjoy.


We do hope you are having a great year. It certainly is rocketing by very fast!

We have a special request this month that you may be interested in hearing!

We are putting together a book entitled '365 Gratefuls'. The book is set to be published next year, but we need your help to complete it! What we're looking for are your stories and pictures of what YOU are grateful for - big or small! While there is no guarantee your contribution will be selected for inclusion in the final manuscript, we will read and consider every entry that comes in. And who knows, your story could end up in print, inspiring thousands of people all over the world! Please send your contribution to stories@365grateful.com.

Please note that while we love nature, pets and children, we have an abundance of these stories in the book already! We'd specifically love to include quirky or creative entries. What are you grateful for this very day? We would love to hear all about it! Thank you!


We've been busy over the last few months!

I would love to point you over to Lori Portka's blog to see a little behind the scenes of what we were filming in June... So many wonderful memories!!


A little inspiration;
I needed this little reminder this week... a quote by my favorite poet... Rumi
"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you."
And lastly...

Did you catch the article in the Queensland Sunday Mail? It was really cool to share about launching our kids book in the last month. It's something we have been working toward for some time. The desire to create this book and DVD started with wanting to share with our own small kids how important it is to not get too caught up wishing to be like other people and to have what they have...  You can read more about it here: www.iliketobeme.com


Thank you!
Thanks so much for your interest in our newsletter and for being part of our little community. We love to hear from you, so if you have grateful's to share, don't be shy!
Once again, please send your stories and pictures to stories@365grateful.com.
Hailey and Andrew

And the winner's are!

Hailey Bartholomew - Friday, July 20, 2012

Drum roll please....


So very excited to be announcing the winners to this competition! ;)


The winner of the Fuji x100pro is the lovely Erin Wells!

She shares her grateful below:

I am grateful for my father's life and our wonderful friendship. After unexpectedly being airlifted to the hospital in December 2010, I was told my father suffered from a blown valve, anuerysm, and torn arota of the heart. They would attempt surgery, but had never done a surgery like this and he would most likely die. Being told at 16 that I should start preparing my father's funeral arrangements was the worst thing I had ever been told. Even worse than when my mother left us. My dad has always been my very best friend. Not many people get to experience such a close, genuine relationship, and being told it would probably come to an end, was a terrible experience. But I believe that due to a whole lot of prayer, my daddy survived and came home 2 days before Christmas (when he should've been in the hospital for another month), and we got to spend Christmas morning together, when this photo was taken. I realize every day how grateful I am for his presence in my life and everything he has done for me.


The beautiful 3Annies leather handbag goes to this gorgeous entry by Kortni Miller.


My sons, Eli (4) and Oliver (1 month).  

When I see my reflection looking back at me through the beautiful dark eyes of my son, I am reminded of the greatest hardship of my life and I am filled with gratitude. The way his eyes are shaped, the curve of his lashes and the way they lay perfectly on his cheeks did not come from any gene I have. And yet somehow they are mine all the same. It turns out that the disappointment of only seeing one line on the pregnancy stick month after endless month can be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen when you are holding your three day old baby who would've never been in your arms if the stick had read positive. It's true that I may not ever know what it feels like to have those first minutes when my baby is ushered into the world all to myself. To have the first feel of his skin on mine or soothe his first cry. I wasn't the first to breath in the scent of my sons and it wasn't my heart beat they heard when they laid their sweet heads down. And the first whisper of the words "I love you" into their tiny perfect ears were not mine. All of those moments are deservedly reserved for the first person to ever love them. And for that moment, of witnessing my babies coming into the world, I will always feel a little bit envious. But another type of Mama needed that moment all to herself. And if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change it. I would, every time, let her keep those first moments of my child's life to herself in return for what she has given me for the rest of mine. I am so very grateful for these amazing women who made me a mother. I can honestly say that I am grateful for the hard road of infertility I have traveled down. The same road that helped me realize that sometimes what you think is the worst thing imaginable, can actually end up being the best thing that has ever happened to you. And the best thing that ever happened to me is this love right here. This heart throbbing, soul-satisfying, hurts so good kind of love I have for my children.


And the lovely winners of the 2 Peppermint subscriptions are:


Aimee Claire:

I am, and always will be, grateful for my husband.  Maybe it's an obvious choice, but sometimes I lose sight of how wonderful he is.  While I may be discouraging at times, he is always encouraging, uplifting and tells me something beautiful every day.


Bethany Walter:


This picture sums up a lot of what I am grateful for. The chalk makes me grateful for fun creativity; the brown grass reminds me to be grateful for hot, sunny days, but also for rainy ones so all things can grow; The little girl, my daughter, makes me the most grateful. For life, for love, for the pure happiness that I could never have imagined feeling until I laid eyes on her. I am so grateful for this life I have been given!




We are so thrilled and excited by the wonderful entries we received!! I love reading all the gratefuls and I am excited to showcase some of them here on the blog soon! ;)


Until next time. Thank you so much to over 600 people who entered this competition and for taking the time to share with us what you are grateful for. Also huge thanks to our lovely partners in this competition!!

Fuji Australia

3 Annies

 and the most lovely magazine Peppermint.


warmest Hailey


What are you grateful for? A fantastic grateful competition!

Hailey Bartholomew - Thursday, June 07, 2012



We are thrilled to announce the newest photo competition on 365 grateful!

We have 4 great prizes to offer.

First prize is the beautiful FujiFilm x100 black collectors item camera. This camera is valued at $1799 (RRP AUD$) and is a stunning camera! Kindly donated by FUJIFILM Australia. You can see their FB page here.

Second prize is this beautiful leather camera bag (Valued at $249 AUD). By 3 Annies. Check out their FB page here!

And we have 1 International subscription to Peppermint magazine and 1 Australian subscription to Peppermint magazine to give away. Check them out here.

What do I have to do to enter?
All you have to do is email stories@365grateful.com a photo of what you are GRATEFUL for and a short description of your 'grateful'.
The competition ends on July 6th and you are welcome to enter up to 3 times!!
We will draw the winners from a hat and post them on the 365grateful blog on the 20th of July!!
Some of the entries may feature on the Fujifilm FB page and 365grateful FB page during the entry period.

TERMS and Conditions:
Entries close 6th JULY 2012 AEST 12pm.
All entries must be original work and include entrant's full name, address and description
By entering the competition, each entrant must grant '365 Grateful' and 'Fuji Film' the right to use the entry in promotions including online and print.
Where a photograph entered in the competition includes a person other than the photographer, the photographer must guarantee that he or she has obtained all necessary permissions from that other person (or in the case of a child, that child’s parents or lawful guardian) for the image to be used in accordance with these terms and conditions. An entrant indemnifies '365 Grateful' against all damages, losses, costs and expenses incurred by '365 Grateful' arising directly or indirectly out of any failure by you to obtain the permissions mentioned above.
The judges will short-list favourite Gratefuls and then draw the final winner from a hat. The judges' decision is final and binding. As such, no correspondence will be entered into.    



Hailey Bartholomew - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

This Fuji Instax grateful competition has been a complete delight.

My inbox has been filling up with amazing and beautiful 'gratefuls' that have inspired and moved me. I don't want it to end! If you just feel like sending in gratefuls to our email (stories@365grateful.com) please do! We might need to do a regular grateful feature here I think!

I can't thank you enough for entering and sharing with us your stories!!

I am very glad that this competition was not really judged because it would have been way too tricky to pick a winner. So many gratefuls and each one so beautiful!! Here are a few pics of us drawing the winner out of a hat!!

Also here is our dog eating it!! ;) 

Probably the most moving was this video below! Special thanks to Kirsteen for letting us share this here:


"I am grateful my husband made it through!

Here is our story (my message to him)

And although he has lost his short term memory I am SO incredibly grateful he kept the moments that really mattered in our lives together.  I am now on a life long mission of documenting our day to day life so that he can have a way to retain the memories of the life that will slip by him."

Kirsteen James


Very special thanks to FUJI for making this whole competition possible. Please do go and like their FB page to show them we are so grateful!! Fuji Instax FB


Now time to announce the lovely winner of this competition!!

 (DRUM ROLL please... The winner is... FIONA FITZPATRICK!


"I’m grateful for the gift of creativity…the opportunity to make art about my life and to be able to share that wonderful process with others.  I am blessed."
Fiona Fitzpatrick,


Once again many thanks to the many people who entered and shared with us. We are so grateful and look forward to running some more competitions and fun things in the months ahead.






Win an instant camera and film for your own 365 grateful project!

Hailey Bartholomew - Wednesday, April 04, 2012
I am super excited to announce this fun prize that will really help someone along in documenting a year of grateful moments!

Fuji Film has donated a fabulous Instax 210 camera and a stack of film to give away to a lucky person exclusively on our 365 Grateful Facebook page and 365 Grateful website.

This is a great instant photo camera that produces an amazing wide photograph in seconds. Take it with you everywhere so you never miss a special moment!

To be in the running for this fun prize, all we want you to do is email us what you are grateful for!

We are looking for heartfelt grateful moments... these might be everyday simple things like clean sheets or maybe deep thoughts and experiences that have formed you... or maybe something about yourself you have just realised. Whatever you're grateful for we want to hear!

Your entry must be email-able, but can be scanned art, a painting, photograph, collage, or a story. Please include your name and contact details with your entry and be sure to read the terms and conditions below.

Please email your entry to stories@365grateful.com by April 29th, 2012!




Good luck!



Terms and conditions

For those interested in Fujifilm's Instax product, you can become friends and like them on Facebook.com/FujifilmInstaxAustralia Entries close 29th April 2012, 12pm AEST
All entries must be original work and include entrant's full name, address and description
The prize is 1 Fuji Instax 210 Wide camera and 38 packets of Fuji instant film. Also one leather-bound album to be posted to the winner after June 20th, 2012.
By entering the competition, each entrant must grant '365 Grateful' and 'Fuji Film' the right to use the entry in promotions including online and print.
Where a photograph entered in the competition includes a person other than the photographer, the photographer must guarantee that he or she has obtained all necessary permissions from that other person (or in the case of a child, that child’s parents or lawful guardian) for the image to be used in accordance with these terms and conditions. An entrant indemnifies '365 Grateful' against all damages, losses, costs and expenses incurred by '365 Grateful' arising directly or indirectly out of any failure by you to obtain the permissions mentioned above.
The judges will short-list favourite Gratefuls and then draw the final winner from a hat. The judges' decision is final and binding. As such, no correspondence will be entered into.