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A grateful year in review by Colleen McMillan
Hailey Bartholomew - Thursday, February 14, 2013

I have for some time wanted to share here on the blog some of the amazing grateful projects other people have done. So if you have a grateful project you would like to share please do email me.

Today here is Colleen sharing a few thoughts on her year with a 365 grateful project. Hope you enjoy! - hailey



Not quite 12 months ago, I sent you an email informing my friends and family that I was embarking on an ambitious project – ‘365 grateful’. Well, that was 363 days ago if you can believe and I will soon finish this amazing journey. So much has happened in that relatively short time. I have shared so much with you all. So many joys.  And one profound sadness.
I now find myself looking back on all those days and am stunned by the year’s events –my baby has grown into a little boy and crawled, and walked and talked, we have travelled overseas for four months and visited 10 different countries, we have shared significant milestones with friends and family. It even encompassed the news of the beautiful new addition that will grace our family. Mostly, it is a record of all the things and people I care about the most that come together in a beautiful, eclectic pattern to make up my life. It is a filled with many moments that I will always treasure and I thank everyone for being a part of making the memories.
I won’t lie to you – the project is a real commitment and there were times when I wondered if I could keep it up. Most recently this happened when I was floored with fatigue and nausea due to morning sickness and the simple act of turning on my computer proved to be a big effort! Of course, the hardest moments were when I lost my dear brother, Ross. When I started the project and dedicated it to him to help cheer myself up from being so down about his diagnosis, not even in my worst dreams could I imagine that we would lose him only a few months later. What I came to realise was that I had to continue on with the project and make the most of my life in honour of his shortened one.
I have been amazed by the many other people I know who have taken on their own grateful project and also harnessed the power of gratitude. It is an absolute joy to witness your posts and your beautiful imagery.
And so now I must again thank you again for your comments and words of encouragement along the way which have been so appreciated. Truly. I will miss the project in many ways but it has instilled a deep sense of appreciation in me that I know will never leave. It has been so therapeutic. I won’t ever stop feeling grateful for all my blessings – a wonderful son and husband whom I absolutely adore, a loving family, faithful friends, perfect health, a beautiful home. And of course, knowing Ross and all his cheekiness and generosity for 30 brilliant years. He would be 43 tomorrow.
Inspired by love for a brother…
Dedicated to his amazing fight…
Continued in his honour…
Grateful that he lived.
Ross Hargreaves
10 June 1969 – 9 October 2011
Yours in gratitude,
Colzy xx