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What are you grateful for?
Hailey Bartholomew - Friday, August 31, 2012

Hello. Just in case you missed our latest newsletter here it is. Hope you enjoy.


We do hope you are having a great year. It certainly is rocketing by very fast!

We have a special request this month that you may be interested in hearing!

We are putting together a book entitled '365 Gratefuls'. The book is set to be published next year, but we need your help to complete it! What we're looking for are your stories and pictures of what YOU are grateful for - big or small! While there is no guarantee your contribution will be selected for inclusion in the final manuscript, we will read and consider every entry that comes in. And who knows, your story could end up in print, inspiring thousands of people all over the world! Please send your contribution to stories@365grateful.com.

Please note that while we love nature, pets and children, we have an abundance of these stories in the book already! We'd specifically love to include quirky or creative entries. What are you grateful for this very day? We would love to hear all about it! Thank you!


We've been busy over the last few months!

I would love to point you over to Lori Portka's blog to see a little behind the scenes of what we were filming in June... So many wonderful memories!!


A little inspiration;
I needed this little reminder this week... a quote by my favorite poet... Rumi
"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you."
And lastly...

Did you catch the article in the Queensland Sunday Mail? It was really cool to share about launching our kids book in the last month. It's something we have been working toward for some time. The desire to create this book and DVD started with wanting to share with our own small kids how important it is to not get too caught up wishing to be like other people and to have what they have...  You can read more about it here: www.iliketobeme.com


Thank you!
Thanks so much for your interest in our newsletter and for being part of our little community. We love to hear from you, so if you have grateful's to share, don't be shy!
Once again, please send your stories and pictures to stories@365grateful.com.
Hailey and Andrew